Battlesteads Hotel – One of the UK’s Greenest Wine Lists

Battlesteads Hotel

Battlesteads Hotel – One of the UK’s greenest wine lists

Any person responsible for writing a wine list, keeping track of stock and ensuring profitability knows how many potential pitfalls there are.  If you then start adding sustainability and green credentials to the mix, the checklist becomes very long indeed.  However, Northumberland’s Battlesteads Hotel and Restaurant has overcome the challenge and is leading the way with its green initiatives and environmental policies.

A biomass boiler, the use of sustainable fuel, fruit and vegetables grown in the garden, low energy light bulbs and solar panels are just some of the ways that Battlesteads is approaching the challenge of ‘green-working’.

Battlesteads is one of the UK’s greenest hotels and has been awarded many prestigious awards for their fine work, receiving a variety awards such as Green Pub of the Year in 2011 and a 3 star badge from the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

A green wine list

We felt we could create a wine list which would fully support their status as one of the leading green hotels in the country, with wines that all had green credentials, firmly underlining their ethos.  The team at Battlesteads wanted to give their customers a wide range of prices to choose from, including many entry level wines.

As a business, we aim to minimise our impact on the environment, with some stellar work from our Vivid team, which has recently enabled us to retain our ISO 14001 certification, the leading international certification for environmental systems.

After initial thoughts of creating a fully organic and bio-dynamic wine list, Battlesteads new wine list went live in March 2011 and includes organic, bio-dynamic and fairtrade wines, ethically produced wines, wines from carbon neutral wineries, wines with lightweight glass and wines from ISO 14001 certified producers.

The list now contains many winemaking greats who are heavily investing in greener wine production, such as Alois Lageder, Huia, Chateau l’Hospitalet, Bisceglia and Graham Beck.

Winning the Pub Wine List of the Year at the 2011 Academy of Food and Wine Service Awards so soon after the launch of the wine list was a great start to positive and lasting working partnership.

“We first started working with Bibendum in late 2010 and we soon realised they were the right partner to meet our desire for an exciting and unusual green wine list encompassing various levels of sustainability, including organic and bio-dynamic wines.  The wines have proved a valuable addition to our offering and, since we introduced the new list in April 2011, we’ve seen a dramatic 42% increase in wine sales. The quality of the wines and the standard of service we receive is exemplary, and Bibendum’s expertise in meet our exacting requirements is very much welcomed.”
Richard Slade, Owner, Battlesteads Hotel

Rob Pickard
31st October 2011

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