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Put very simply, Battle of Bosworth is one of Australia’s most sustainable wineries.

The Bosworth family first planted vines in the McLaren Vale in the 1840s and in 1995 current owner Joch Bosworth took the decision to convert those vineyards to organic viticulture.

This means Battle of Bosworth now has a significant holding of vines aged over 20 years which are fully certified ‘A’ grade organic by Australian Certified Organic. This process takes four years and certification involves yearly audits and random sampling of produce.

The Philosophy

Joch sums up his philosophy thus: “A lot of what we do in the vineyard is simply old-fashioned grape growing; essentially, our vineyards are run as they would have been 50 years ago before synthetic pesticides and fertilizers became available.”

Joch’s secret weapon in the vineyards is the soursob (or oxalis pes-caprae), the pretty yellow flower that adorns the Battle of Bosworth logo.

The Story Behind the Label

The soursob flowers grow rapidly under the vines after the onset of winter rains. During winter the flowers out-compete other weeds and form a natural weed mat in spring and summer. The lifecycle of the soursob fits very well with the grape vine as it uses water in winter when the vine is dormant and dies off in summer as the vines’ water requirements increases.

If the weeds – usually wild oats in this part of the McLaren Vale – are particularly virulent, Joch uses a dodge plough to remove the soil under the vine and kill the weeds once the soursobs have set their bulbs for the next season’s growth. A specially modified rotary hoe is also used. It is modified to minimise cultivation, so only about 30cm each side of the vines are hoed, instead of the traditional whole row cultivation.

This soil, as well as the soil pulled from the under vine area by the dodge plough is remounded under the vine after 1-2 weeks of fine weather with a single ‘throwing on’ disc, leaving the under vine area weed free, with a new store of soursob bulbs in place, ready to burst into life with the autumn rains.

By maintaining organic soil and biological activity, and using preventative measures to deal with any pest problems, Joch and the humble soursob have proven to be a very potent force in the viticultural Battle of Bosworth.

19th December 2012

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