Bastianich Friulano Vigne Orsone (Friuli, Italy)

Bastianich Vigne Orsone Friulano

Bastianich Vigne Orsone Friulano from the Colli Orentali in Friuli, near Italy’s border with Slovenia is my new favourite wine.

Last Friday, I served it up to my in-laws (both confirmed Pinot-philes – one Noir, the other Grigio) with some grilled razor clams and gremolata and they loved it. It sang beautifully – light, fruity and perfumed with the merest hint of creamy, leesy richness. It was refreshing and invigorating but had real depth and interest too. Industrial Soave it is not.

The amazing thing is that it comes from a winery owned by a Masterchef judge. Thankfully, it is not Greg Wallace but Joe Bastianich, who lines up with our very own Gordon Ramsay on Masterchef USA.

He also owns a clutch of New York’s most famous Italian restaurants in partnership with celebrated chef Mario Batali, makes wine in four Italian regions, is in training for an Ironman triathlon in October and keep bees in his spare time.

It’s ok, I hate him too.


Gareth Groves
24th March 2011

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