Barriers to the craft beer boom

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If anything is holding back the craft beer boom, it’s price — with beer drinkers significantly more price sensitive than wine drinkers. According to our Taste Test research, 37% of beer drinkers say they will deviate from their preferred style or brand to pay a lower price, whereas just one in five wine drinkers say that low price is the most influential factor when buying wine.

While the average price of a pint of craft beer is 35p higher than the overall beer average, the value of sales of craft grew by 52% in the last quarter, compared to 2% for beer in general. Considering this, it’s easy to forget that craft beer still accounts for just 6% of the category’s total On Trade value, with only 28% of drinkers who believe that craft is worth paying more for.

With the right price, the craft category would be unstoppable, but would it then lose some of the essence that makes it craft?

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This is an excerpt from our latest Market Update for Autumn 2016, which is now available to download.

11th August 2016

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