Why is Australia Still a Favourite for the UK Wine Consumer?

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The top 3 Australian brands have lost on average 4% of market share since 2011. This seems paradoxical when considering Australian wine value is up both in the Off and On Trade.

Despite widespread knowledge of the diversity of Australian winemaking, consumers still confidently choose Australian wine over wine from other countries. We take a look at why Australia is still a favourite for the UK wine drinker:


In a market that has declined overall, the fact that Australian wine has risen 4% in value shows that consumer confidence in this category is high. The strength of ‘brand Australia’ can be attributed to several things: consumers have a strong idea of what Australian wine is, are familiar with the country’s identity, and most importantly, like that the grape variety is the predominant feature on most labels. For many consumers, grape variety is the primary factor that affects their wine purchasing decision, affecting over 70% of all consumers’ wine purchasing, according to Wine Intelligence.


Our Taste Test data shows that consumers in every region of the UK have put Australia as one of their top two favourite wine countries. This indicates they are willing to embrace different styles of Australian wine over wine from other countries. In terms of grape variety choice, suppliers like Qualia in South Australia have shown that commercially viable wines don’t have to be limited to the traditional Chardonnay and Shiraz, which have lost market share since 2011. Instead, Qualia are producing Moscato, which continues to gain popularity in the States, and Pinot Noir, which has sustained its popularity in the UK as one of the top five red grape varieties for consumers. From Barossa Shiraz to Rutherglen Muscat, Australia has the depth to appeal to a wide customer base.


Australian winemakers have always paid attention to market trends, and their general shift away from big, buttery Chardonnay and oak-chipped Shiraz has helped to retain consumer interest in Australian wine. For this reason the UK wine drinker finds this category reliable and easy to understand. This general perception of low risk purchasing has helped Australian wine maintain its value.


We will be showing a range of Australian wine at London Wine Fair including wines from Wynns and Qualia.  To arrange a tasting, please contact your account manager. Download the Summer 2014 UK Market & Consumer Report.

22nd May 2014

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