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Alois Lageder

Alois Lageder is passionate about the environment, climate change and its effect on wine.

When top Alto Adige producer Alois Lageder was named 2012 Sustainable Winery of the Year by Italy’s influential wine guide, the Gambero Rosso, we let out a big cheer. Inevitably there are wineries who spend more time talking about green issues than addressing them, using topics such as biodynamics as selling points rather than a working philosophy. Alois Lageder is most definitely not one such winery.

Biodynamic Farming

Lageder is an ultra-sustainable estate that lets the wines do the talking. Doing the right thing is a much higher priority than simple marketing. The winery farms the estate’s 50ha of vines biodynamically (all certified by Demeter), solar panels adorn the roof of the gravity-fed winery and geothermic heat exchange cools the cellars.

Engagement at all levels

What really makes Alois Lageder stand out, is his willingness to engage with experts outside the wine industry on these issues rather than focus solely on their own activities. Alois organises the Magrè Wine Symposium, a forum where climate researchers, agronomists and vintners can develop prospects and strategies to help producers of wines to react to global warming.

Holistic View

The reason behind this approach is Alois’s holistic view of grape growing and wine making. He embraces biodynamics because they view earth as a living organism and provides a link back to the simpler wisdom of previous generations. The viticulture team work very closely with other growers in the region to ensure all the grapes Lageder use are farmed in a sustainable manner.

In his own words, “A sensible reaction to climate change cannot lie in still more technology. It’s to be found, instead, in a renewal and deepening of our observation of the laws of nature.”

16th April 2013

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