Bibendum and Lightweight Glass

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Reducing wine’s carbon footprint

Glass bottles dominate wine packaging – 97% of the market, in fact. For a business like Bibendum, that provides a big challenge in terms of sustainability but also an opportunity to try and reduce the environmental impact of the glass wine bottles we import and sell.

We worked with GlassRite, a project supported by the governmental recycling advocate Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP) to look at ways to reduce the weight of glass bottles and increase the the use of recycled content in green glass bottles manufactured in the UK by promoting the bulk importation of wine into the UK.

Glass Wine Bottles: The Facts

  • 60,000 tonnes of glass bottles are thrown out from on trade venues every year. Up to 75% of this is sent to landfill sites
  • The average weight of a wine bottle is 500g but it can vary from a feather weight 300g to a hefty 900g
  • Heavy bottles do not guarantee good wine! Research shows that just 13% of people believed that lighter bottles mean cheaper wines
  • Bottling wine in the UK rather than the country of production and using recycled green glass uses up glass that would otherwise have gone to landfill or been exported. All the green bottles Bibendum uses for UK bottling contain at least 85% recycled glass
  • Switching to lighter weight wine bottles cuts the amount of raw materials required and reduces the amount of glass entering the waste stream

Bibendum and Lightweight Glass

We import around 18% of our wine in bulk for bottling in the UK. All our UK-bottled wines are packaged in a 356g bottle which uses 23% less glass than a standard bottle.
Our lightweight green glass bottles contain a minimum of 85% recycled glass (35% for clear glass bottles) and all back labels clearly state to the consumer that the wine is bottled in lightweight glass.

Compared to standard bottles, our lightweight approach saves 195 tonnes of glass per year and cuts carbon emissions by 621 tonnes per year by reducing packaging and transportation – that’s the equivalent of taking 196 cars off the road!

If you want to know more about our work with lightweight glass, please get in touch.

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