Promoting Responsible Drinking

Bibendum promoting responsible drinking

We are committed to promoting the responsible enjoyment of alcohol by our staff, our customers and the wider community

Alcohol misuse is a serious problem for society and although consumption in the UK has been falling steadily for several years, there is more to be done. Bibendum is committed to promoting responsible drinking at all times and advocates people take a “drink less but better” approach to alcohol.

We also support several nationwide organisations and campaigns that promote the sensible enjoyment of alcohol:


Bibendum fully supports the work of the Drinkaware Trust which aims to change the UK's drinking habits for the better, by promoting responsible drinking and finding ways to challenge the national drinking culture, helping to reduce alcohol misuse and minimise alcohol-related harm.

The Campaign for Smarter Drinking

Bibendum has been heavily involved in the Campaign for Smarter Drinking since its launch in September 2009. The campaign, organised and funded by the industry and Drinkaware, seeks to promote responsible drinking wherever possible using the 'Don’t Let the Good Times Go Bad' logo and message.

We have supported and reinforced the message by including the campaign logo in over 2000 customer wine lists since the Campaign’s initial launch.

Public Health Responsibility Deal

Bibendum has signed up to the Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal to tackle alcohol misuse, which was launched in 2011. Government, businesses and NGOs have come together through this initiative to improve public health through a series of voluntary commitments.  

The core pledge is to "foster a culture of responsible drinking, which will help people to drink within guidelines." Specific pledges include promoting official guidelines through product labelling, providing information on responsible drinking in both the on and off trade.

WSTA: Why Should Responsible Drinkers Pay More?

The WSTA are the voice of the wine and spirit industry, representing over 340 companies producing, importing and selling wines and spirits. Bibendum’s Managing Director, Michael Saunders, sits on the WSTA Board and we support its ‘Why Should Responsible Drinkers Pay More?’ campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to show the government that the solving the problems of alcohol lies in educating consumer and targeting an irresponsible minority rather than pushing up prices for the majority of responsible drinkers.

A ‘less but better’ approach to wine

Bibendum is committed to a ‘less but better’ approach to wine that aims to encourage consumers to drink one glass of something fantastic rather than a bottle or more of something much less exciting. This approach helps our customers sell more profitable wines and gives consumers a much better experience when eating and drinking out.

We were very supportive of the change in the law that made offering 125ml serves compulsory and welcome recent developments that allow on trade venues to offer even smaller measures. These smaller pours allow consumers to experiment and engage with wine without having to buy and consume large quantities.

Working with our own employees

All Bibendum employees are made aware of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption and the recommended safe limits for personal consumption. This information is provided in the Company Handbook, which all new employees must read and sign. The handbook also provides links to organisations such as Drinkaware for those seeking further information. We also provide complementary soft drinks at all company parties and social occasions.

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